Thursday, June 15, 2006

Welcome the newest member of the Swiss Alpine Club!

After 2 days of trekking through wet snow in capri pants (and after two complimentary Schnapps) these swarthy mountain men figured she had deserved it. Here at 2500 meters over sea level: the newest member of the Swiss Alpine Club: Uto Region.

The guy to our left is named Amin. He's been a Hut master for 14 years and was practicing his Spanish so that he could move to Costa Rica next year. When surrounded by the majesty of the Alps, we couldn't fathom why anyone would want to leave. Response: "What do you think? Even at Christmas, beautiful mountains, but no snow!" After drying out our soaking cold socks and boots, we had to agree.

The guy to our right is from the Bernese Oberland, but knew the mountains in Canton Uri like he'd grown up there all his life. He and I spent 30 minutes reviewing our trail map, finding new trails and new huts to visit. His energy to talk about the mountains he loved was endless. When thinking on our sore bones and backs, I'm slightly embarassed to think of the ease at which he moved through the mountains at 65.

Alpine Hut life in Switzerland. Truly one of the unique things about this place.


BethieG said...

Kace, congrats on your membership into the Swiss Alpine Club. I bet those guys could hook you up with a good place to renew your polar bear club membership. Also, I'm glad to see that the complimentary drinks have continued. Cheers my friend.

Rob said...

Kacie, though it looks like your new mates have welcomed you into their little club with enthusiasm, surely even you will admit that your Dad would probably look more at home in this picture.