Monday, July 03, 2006

Italian Recycling

The Swiss are quite serious about recycling, which is in sharp contrast to the Italian style. This is a partioned Italian trash can in the Milan airport.

Its about as organized as the Alitalia flight desk.


kkm said...

This sort of recycling bin disparity is actually quite helpful for the bleary-eyed, jet-lagged, well-worn traveler like you, Pierre. As you drag your weary winged self off the plane from a tiring jaunt to the Greek Isles, you simply have to look at the garbage can to figure out what part of the world you're in!!!

Organized bin = cold, sensible country more like the scandinavian type.

Unorganized bin = laid back, warm country more typical of the mediterranean.

Absent bin = lazy, earth-abusing superpower (ie, USA) _OR_ developing nation where the items are re-used so many times there is nothing to recycle (ie, Nepal)

Anonymous said...

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