Monday, July 24, 2006

Technical Difficulties II

Our good friends at Acme Mortgage and Loan have decided that our humble blogsite didn't have enough comments. To help us out, they've graciously spammed the site with 52 mildly inspirational musings like, "Great color scheme on this site!" and "Thanks for helping beginners like me!" Each comment is then linked to a site promising a 6.2% APR mortgage on my something or other.

After a few minutes of searching for ways to remedy this, I found that Blogger allows a comment moderation function that requires everybody to re-type some squiggly letters prior to commenting on our site. Hope this isn't too big of a hassle.

PS: Note the NEW Spam World Cup Commemorative tin, as it were, has finally arrived. Get collecting!

PPS: Also note the new Spam® Jingle, courtesy of Spam® UK:

SPAM® Up and get out the can,
SPAM® Up just to feed your man,
SPAM® Up ‘cause it’s great outdoors,
SPAM® Up when you could eat a horse,
SPAM® Up for a special tea,
SPAM® Up for an anniversary,
SPAM® Up for the taste of it,
SPAM® Up and be proud of it.

Huh? Spam® "when I could eat a horse"? Is that to say that eating Spam® is a good substitute for horse? or that if I were hungry enough to consume an entire horse that somehow a 6oz. can of Spam® could satisfy my horse-sized cravings? Either way, I'm willing to bet that I'd gladly slaughter and consume seventeen shetland ponies to satisfy my shetland-pony-sized cravings before cracking open one can of the gelatinous pork/ham amalgamate.

And wait, if you notice the description on the can, why do we need to define Spam® as both pork and ham? Isn't ham, pork? I suppose "chopped snout, hoof, entrails and ham" didn't make it past the marketing department.

So you can get the full flavour of the Ad Wizards' genius, I've linked to the Spam® song and video (notice the true Spam®anova serving a beautiful Spam® salad over a romantic, candle-lit anniversary dinner, so classy):

Window's Real Player

PPPS: We just returned from Venice with the inlaws, so some real updates to come soon!


Mickey said...

Please don't knock Spam - it is by far my favorite meal - nothing beats a mysterious pink slab in a can, especially with that rockin' theme song - I'm hooked for life.

Zach said...

You, sir, are a vagabond. Witholding the rules to Danish bastard has caused me great strife. Also, I am not pleased with your insults regarding my martial arts abilities. I find you to be vulgar and rude. death.