Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Back to 2nd Grade

First tears (timid looking girl in white), first kid in time-out (kid in red holding the reading worm), first thought of "Whoa, that took them way less time to complete than I expected."
(teacher/photographer/tear-wiper). It was a good first day of school.


kkm said...

yeah for 2nd grades and their teachers!!!!!

i loved second grade... and Mrs Beskeen. it is in second grade that i met the girl who is my best freind to this very day. it is there that i learned the super-duper-long phonetic alphabet with all the hand motions as well as the how to write in cursive (for the second time). it is there that i could spend hours arguing with the cute blonde boy that the k in my middle name stands for kay.
"no, it can't stand for kay, it is a k"

ah, yes, mi vida, you're lucky you get to go back ...

Rachiley said...

ahh yes, i love the smells of a glue stick in the morning! can't wait to hear more about the life inside the classroom walls.

J. B. Hood said...

Miss Peterman was good to me in 2 grade (she was dating the 8th grade teacher...really sweet).

Are you teaching? Maybe Hallmark can make a movie about the girl who goes to Switzerland to work at a school and straighten out the undisciplined Euros.

Anonymous said...

Frau Buckley! Sie für ein Lehrerin? Toll! Ich dinke, daß Sie ein schöne Lehrerin sein sollten. Ich bin von seine Studentin eifersuechtig.