Friday, October 27, 2006

Birfday Greeting to Mobile

It's Coy's big day and there's an ocean between us. Thought it would be fun to have the kiddos make the card. The mushy, sentimental, who-needs-Hallmark-anyway musings need not be recorded here in the blog. Happy day to you, my love, and your wonderful brother too.


kkm said...

Herr Coyster is in Mobile?!?1 so that's why he hasn't been posting... i hope yer doing fine... of course, there's always chocolate milk, bonbons and delicious ice cream to console you...

oh, yeah and happy birfday, Coy. hope it's a good one despite the cast and such.

Pierre Schlomo Presley said...

I'm suprised it didn't come out as:

"Harrpy Birrrthdary"

Thanks baby. Much better e-card than those twitty hoops and yoyo.