Saturday, October 07, 2006

Run run as fast as you can

So I’ve not been faithfully blogging like I ought. Apologies to those who have been eager to know how the return to the classroom has gone for me. Though I recently threatened to pull a ‘Miss Nelson’ on my kids, it has been a great start to the school year so far. The weeks have flown by which is a small clue about how different this experience has been than my teaching in the Memphis. (I already had a countdown to summer mentally calculated at this point in my first round of teaching.) Here’s a picture of some of my kiddos the day we had a Gingerbread Boy hunt. Our school has a really nice kitchen just for classes to use so a mom volunteered to cook with my class (Clues number 2 and 3). We read the book, made the cookies, and then discovered that the cookies had run away when we returned to take them from the oven! Dorky poems that I wrote led the kids around the campus and, by the time we caught the cookies, excitement was full pitch.
Yeah, it has been a good six weeks overall. Hopefully I’ve found a groove that will bring the kids’ learning curve closer to my own. But now I’m off for a week and ready for the break. My high school pal, Rachel, is here to share the fall break. We’ll be traveling for the next few days. Maybe that will give me long enough to not wake up with visions of spelling journals and math centers lingering from my teacher dreams.


kkm said...
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kkm said...

no fair--i never got to do baking and scavenging like this when i was in school!!! this project proves, yet again, that you're a great teacher! kudos.