Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gobble, gobble

I wanted to write a Thanksgiving post so I could somehow feel more connected to the holiday. I know Coy would rather I had made the connection by pre-ordering a turkey and cooking up some dressing and all the sides but I may give that a try this weekend. Or maybe I'll push the debate over the Thanksgiving menu to next year. You see, Coy doesn't believe in marshmallows on top of his sweet potatoes and he thinks dressing should be made with cornbread. Why don't they cover questions like this in premarital counseling???
So tonight we'll be sitting down to bowls of Thai soup at about the same time my family crowds around the buffet table down in Raymond, Mississippi. At the moment, I can't imagine why we didn't spring for the tickets, skip work and join them. There's no place in the world I'd rather be.

But enough of the moaning, we are certainly overflowing with things for which to be thankful. Coy is cast-free! I have finally caught my breath at work and can now say that I love my job. Our community group has become even more close knit this fall which has been great. The other day on the tram, I could see the Alps so clearly that it brought tears to my eyes. Coy has shaved off most of his beard (he's going to have that nasty mustache shaved off in his sleep soon if he doesn't take care of it himself). Coy's nephew Jesse arrives soon to stay for a few weeks. The new winter collection of Movenpick ice cream flavors are available. Krista's birthday is Saturday. Christmas lights are up all over town.

As I type, the 'grateful list' is quickly becoming a slideshow of faces in my mind- all of the people we miss and love, many of the folks we've come to know here. A blog is too casual of a medium for trying to put my gratitude into words. So I'll just say that it good to step back and count my blessings, pecan pie or no.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Finally some good news...

Clever manatees happy, not dumb

My favorite excerpt from the article,

"Researchers contend that if the plant-eating beasts seem slow-witted, it is because they faced no threats to their survival before the advent of boat propellers.

"They look like very contented animals that don't have very much to do all day," said Roger Reep, a neuroscientist at the University of Florida's College of Veterinary Medicine."

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Snow tigers, sharks, and bears- Oh My!

Always looking for a good journal prompt, I thought I would ask my class to write about 'How Mr. Buckley broke his leg.' Thought you might enjoy some of the theories...

'One day a man coled Mr. Buckley went walken. He chriped over a banana. Auch! he said.'

'Mr. Buckley was hangcliding in the USA. He fall down a 500 meter clifd and brack his leg. He was on hafe way down the hill. He was very sad. Mrs. Buckley ran to him. The end.'

'Once upon a time Mr. Bukley was scoobadiveing. He spyed on a great white shark in the ochean. A shark snuk behind him and bite his leg. When he came home he was limping and Mrs. Buckley said "You got bite by a shark." Then he went to sleep.'

'Once upon a time, there was a man cald Mr. Buckly. One autum Mr. Buckly was joging in the woods then a bear came and said I will eat you. He said No! No! No! he shouted and run run. Ok he was dashing thru the woods so fast that he triped beside a big big big rock. He had to go as fast as he could to the hospital and he did and they locked the door so that the bear cold not get in. They checked him from top to bottom and they said you have to stay here. Why asked Mr. Buckley. Because you have a broken leg. Oh, he said. I must fone my wife so he did. Mrs. Buckley came strate away. She even brot him a present it was a tedy bear. Poor you she said and they lived happily ever after. The end.'

'Mr Buckley was on a 500 meter mountain and saw a snow tiger in the middle of the mountain and it was going to the other side of the mountain and Mr Buckley followed it and when they had got to the other side the tiger saw him and bit his leg.'

And this kid's story wasn't so great but his intro was my favorite: 'Mr Buckley was a kind smart man well kind of smart well on with the story.'

Friday, November 03, 2006

And so it begins...

Forget what I said about lovely fall weather here, the smell of leaves, the blue skies, etc. It snowed today- big, fat, undeniable flakes. It is the 3rd of November. I was willing to break out the scarf by now but the warm fuzzy hat? The long underwear? NO. Not yet. Please let this be a fluke. Please say that winter has not officially taken hold.