Sunday, December 17, 2006

And action!

In regards to our lack of blog updates since Thanksgiving, Tirzah wrote to ask if ‘the turkey had gobbled us up.’ And though we’ve not been troubled by any carnivorous fowl, the wishbone has been snapped. Yep, Coy’s ironclad leg proved not to be sturdy enough. We found out on Monday that the bone had broken again. So this morning, in a different hospital that is closer to home, Coy had the same operation. If you’d like to know what the doctors did, please refer to the blog from October when they did the exact same procedure. Pins and a plate, 6 weeks in a cast, eventually start physical therapy- Take 2! The only change is the scenery…let’s try it this time with some ice and snow mixed in for effect.

Ok, enough complaining. There’s plenty to be thankful for- this was caught early instead of the bone healing improperly and being painful forever, Coy’s dad is coming next week and he can take over bath duty, now we both get several weeks off for Christmas break. (How does he time this so well? The first operation was during my fall break and now this…I’m locking him in a padded room before my school’s ski break begins in February! (Yes, you read that correctly, I get a week off for ski break!))
So, Tirz, that’s the reason that we’ve not written lately- we were waiting for some excitement!

*This post was written on Thursday night but this is my first internet access b/c the computer has been at the hospital with us serving as a theatre. Hopefully Coy comes home today. The surgeon said that all went well.


Anonymous said...

Oh No! I'm so sorry to hear about the repeat surgery. Another vacation sitting bedside is no fun, but at least there is no hill to climb and 3 trains to catch to get to the hospital. Please let me know if I can get a movie or at least make some recommendations during the recovery. Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Bummer, Kiddos!
Hope to hear from you soon, but I know we'll just have to stand in line and wait for our own email. For now, I'll just keep checking back here. :-)
Love you guys!