Saturday, December 23, 2006

Brokeleg Buckley's

My sister, Becky, broke her foot last week, too. Enjoy our parallel lives, which consist of lounging on the sofa, chatting on the phone and ordering others to bake, clean and shop.

Note that Becky is accompanied by two dogs, I just have the one big old dog to keep me company.


tirzah said...

Hello Hello I have just been able to get back to the comp. Go chck your email.TR

Rob said...

Come on Coy, let that poor old dog, er dad, of yours sit on the couch with you. It looks like he's already done with most of his shedding.

Alysson said...

mom's got a new picture for you to copy.

take a look.

hoojb said...

Hey Bucks,

Wow. Merry Christmas...sorry about the leg. Shall I fly over to help bathe you? I get double mile if I fly to Zurich this month. Alternatively, I could send a three-year-old to entertain you, decorate your home, fetch snacks, watch videos with you (Thomas the Train is his fave), watch sports reruns (he likes bowling, football, American football, ice skating, basketball, golf).

I'm so sorry you saw that's a stupid movie. One really good movie, though, is To End All Wars (book is also good but short, so might not help you out). Book recs include Chinese Lessons; Killing Fields, Living Fields. Inside Man is good action flick. My wife sez we liked MI3 but I can't recall. I also liked the Tom Cruise flick Minority Report.

I think I mentioned before that I dug the TV show 24 when I rented it on video--great for when you have the flu or a twice broke leg. I did not think I would like 24; I was wrong. It rocks.

Look forward to more reviews from you.

And good luck on your anniversary.

Anonymous said...

You've got your dad sleeping on the floor - with no pillow? That's cruelty... Especially since, based on your postings, I'm sure you've been munching popcorn on that couch for the last 4 weeks and that floor below it ain't clean.

H. Pierre Schlomo Presley said...

In my defense, Dad prefers sleeping on the floor (finding old popcorn seeds is an added bonus).

Anonymous said...

This is the 3rd time that I've looked at this posting, and I'm still cracking up out loud. I just find the dad on the floor - dogs on the floor parallel in the picture so funny. You know what would have made it better, is if you had said, "...the one big ol' dog"