Saturday, December 30, 2006

They say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. Yeah, it has been a tough year but the marriage part has been the easiest, best thing going for us. Thank you all for celebrating with us last year- what a whirlwind party! Mr. Coy took a picture of us before we headed out to dinner which made the evening feel a bit like prom.

A few days ago, I snuck out of the house to go skiing with a friend and her family. The skiing was great-I'm still a bit sore though. That could be from the face-first, 50 meter slide I took on my last run...I plowed enough snow into my face that I had water in my ears. Thankfully I didn't fall on any of the grassy, rocky patches. It seems Switzerland needs more snow.


Ashley said...

happy anniversary, you two!

Anonymous said...

you are just almost as cool as me. keep up the effort. it is much appreciated at the house of Wright. love, Sis

Anonymous said...

Are your nails painted? Now that is dedication. :) I'll have to send you a photo of mom's new scooter.

- Jesse