Friday, December 22, 2006

VP!: Arts and Entertainment - now HUGE!

Kacey had the brilliant idea of picking up a projector from the office. So not only can I watch all future flicks in 6'x5' cinematic glory, I roam the internet on a screen easily viewable by any of our neighbors across the street.

All of a sudden, 5 more weeks of immobility on a big blue couch looks pretty good...

What's better than watching Will Ferrell parade around New York in yellow tights? Inaugurating our first Florastrasse Movie night, that's what. Our humble cinema was graced by a surprise visit from our departing Canadian friends, Renton and Shannon, along with our Australian buddies, Pete and Bianca, and the newly-betrothed Shannon and Andy ("the Walla-Wallaian").

This one is fast becoming a Christmas staple at the Buckley's. 4 breaks.

Jackie Brown
This is a mouthful of a movie. At 154 minutes and a plot that flows like a can of worms looks, Jackie Brown requires a significant attention span. Upon the first viewing several years ago, I lost patience and dozed through the last 40 minutes.

Given my current choices of either lying horizontally on the sofa or on the bed, patience is one of the few things in ample supply. This go around, Jackie Brown hooked me. From the massive screen presence of Jackie Brown (Pam Grier) to the slick soundtrack, this film is Tarantino at his genre-adapting best.

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