Thursday, February 15, 2007

"Does that become you pain?"

This morning was a session with my Croatian physical therapist. If I have ever thought I had difficulties concentrating on a task, this guy puts me to shame. A typical session: He will rub my foot for a while, then ask me to stand up walk around, ask me to lay back down, start to rub my foot, then stop mid-rub and model the effects of the polar winds using a pillow, then back to rubbing my foot, but only for 2 seconds until I have to stand up again, walk, then lean in some position, then I'll get weighed on one foot, the both feet, then lay back down, rub the foot again, pull out maps of the Balkans to flesh out his brief history of Tito, then back to the foot rub, then stand up again, then lie down, then stand up, then somewhere in the chaos something is accomplished and the session is finished.

Don't get me wrong, I really like whatever his name is. I know more about the Balkans than I did last week and, heck, the pillow was a pretty good model for his polar winds theory. Its just that one hopes for a little more solid assurance that there is a plan and that this plan will lead to me walking someday soon.

You know?

Also, here is a photo from the NYT that I found funny.

The caption, "Greatest Generation Learns about Great Safe Sex"

If you notice, apparently one guy in the group still giggles when the teacher says "penis".