Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More on the UAE

Not to overshadow our trip to Belgium which was fantastic, I've been asked to show more photos from my time in Dubai.

This scene was pretty common because Dubai is exploding in size. Apparently, 8 new international schools opened there last year and 8 more will open this fall. These schools are opening with a few hundred students each and turning folks away. Change of career, anyone?

This is the lady I met at a cultural center set up to create historically accurate representations of UAE . I wish I knew how long ago those masks were actually worn. This woman worked with silver and had plated the small cane that I bought for Coy. Yeah, he thought it was a ridiculous purchase too.

I had to return to school a day before my principal so I left Pierre and my camera with him. He was able to do a bit more site seeing than I was- such are the benefits of being highly ranked. I especially wanted to see shots of the desert tour. I suppose I should have explained Pierre's preference for posing alone.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Yesterday, Lars asked us whether we missed the US. That, in conjunction with a stunning Spring weekend in Zurich, led me to pine for the highway pines and its most beloved icon: Stuckey's.

That, in turn, prompted a quick internet search that yielded a photographic database of almost every Stuckey's that has existed. While I am a little disappointed at the database's completeness (I know several on I-65 through Alabama that didn't make the list), I was nonetheless warmed by the nostalgia.

Marshall Junior

I have failed in my task of posting a shot of my beautiful, wee niece, Claire Buckley. Here's a photo of her as she partakes in a well-worn Buckley tradition - eating a massive bowl of chocolate ice cream.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Broads, Beers, Belgium

"Yes, he eats fire, craps lightning and drinks beers twice.... nay thrice, his size"

I'm not sure if this is agony or ecstasy. I'll choose ecstasy.

Belgian Coke has a new flavor, "hint of baby urine".

C'mon, just a hint?

"...then some French count challenges me to duel on the banjo. Even in designer Swedish jeans, fingerpicks made of beer caps, and a Belgian banjo, he proved no match for my cougar-like prowess..."

We found the Candy Shop. Someone inform 50; its really just a candy shop.

Some scenery...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hard at work in Dubai

Memphis Teaching and Learning Academy, eat your heart out.

As a teacher new to the curriculum at my school, I needed to attend a conference in order to take an introductory course. I was given the option of spending a week of my summer vacation at a conference in Switzerland or being flown to Dubai for 4 days. The decision was not difficult.

My time in the UAE was fantastic though it would have been nice to have had a bit more free time. I made it to several souks (markets), rode a dhow (little boat) in the creek, and bought plenty of shawarma and fruit juices from street vendors but I missed out on a desert tour and skiiing indoors at one of the many huge malls.

I thought about buying new outfits for Coy and me at the market:

Pierre enjoyed learning about a new culture. These bathroom signs were found at the beach.

I will try to write a bit more about my time and post a few more pictures. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to go to Dubai- the meetings were really worthwhile as well!