Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Do you remember this book?


My kids are about to live it.

They've brought the wrath upon themselves. I know that discipline is not my strength but that's no excuse for kids to start their summer vacations early in my classroom. I've always prided myself on my patience and kindness when it comes to children but my students may not recognize me tomorrow. We had a rough afternoon today that was unfortunately witnessed by my vice principal who was there to review my teaching. My class mistook him for an audience and proceeded to put on a 3-ringed circus. He was not amused.

If you want to know my plan of action, read the book.


H. Pierre Schlomo Presley said...
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kkm said...

never got to read this book--maybe cuz i'm a poor-me deprived MK!!
lol. good thing getting a library card is on my must-do to-do list for this week.

Rachiley said...

Love that book! Did you make me read it or was it one of my kids who said I should get lost like Ms. Nelson...Not matter the case I enjoyed :-)

Anonymous said...

kace! oh, I hope your class has been better. what adventures!! i need to email you!!!!! i miss you, friend.