Thursday, May 31, 2007

First Hike Since the Broken Leg!

We hiked in the mountains around Graubunden, which according to our Swedish source is the largest canton, but as most of the land is above 1500 meters - "it issss un-inhabitable".

Plenty of other folks went with us, Pete and Bianka from Australia, our ol' Swiss roommate Barbara, a new friend Kay (who, tangentially, is an ace in the popular twenty-somethings card game, Danish Bastard), Angela from New Zealand, and of course, the duck that gives his name to this blog, Pierre. They aren't featured in our hiking pictorial because we just didn't take that many photos. (but I bet Pete and Bianka did, they've got one of those sweet fancy digital sweet....)

Looking like I stole a leg off of one of the mannequins at Sears. You know, the Sears mannequins...

Lars provided plenty of sage advice from his years in the Swedish Military Service...

Blocky rock

Yours's truly

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