Thursday, May 31, 2007

It is finished, with extreme prejudice

After years of cringing at the thought of enduring the 4-hour BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, I finally caved. Not, fortunately to the BBC and their low-grade film stock, but to Hollywood - a version mercifully 2.5 hours shorter and featuring an additional 1.5 hours of Keira Knightly - a woman most certainly of mild and steady candour.

Actually, I enjoyed it, but doing my obligatory wikipedia search on the old PnP yielded the following, which I found to be quite comical:

(Note from Kacey: the plot to rent P&P was hatched while being forced to watch David Lynch's newest movie at a theatre. Yeah, I shouldn't watch his movies on screens bigger than the size of the computer screen you're now staring into.)


rob said...

Alright big fella, way to go! Now that you've made it through training camp, you think you're ready for a shot at the title? If you think Kiera was a nice Lizzy B, then wait til you get a load of Jennifer Ehle. Yeah I said it, I love this movie. I hated it at first, like any self-respecting man, but dang it, it's just funny. Anyone who likes sarcasm will love this movie, and Ehle delivers witty one-liners that make Hugh Grant look like a novice. It's just good ole fashion, classic British humor - Austin definitely stole a page or two from Bill S's playbook. Totally worth 4 hours, at least once a year, and Ehle's truer to the character looks keeps you focused on the content rather than Kiera's demi-Winona Elizabeth Bennett Swann thing. Watch it!

Rachiley said...

Wow, what an impressive use of diagramming. It never ceases to amaze me what can be found on this Internet thing.

Andrew & Shannon said...

Oh Coy Buckley, I already miss you guys.