Thursday, June 14, 2007

Life is a Bowl of Cherries

A few things I forgot to tell you earlier on the phone, of my students brought me a huge bag of cherries today. She had picked them for me from her backyard!

And the sweetest thing that has happened to me in Switzerland happened yesterday on my way to Keri's house. I hopped off the tram and an elderly lady called out to me in German. So I made my standard apology about not speaking German (this statement is especially effective b/c I never manage to even say it correctly). But she continues to talk to me and points across the street with her cane and then holds out her other hand to me. And off we went, hand-in-hand for the ten minutes it took to arrive at her house.

It reminded me a lot of my amazing grandparents. One of my high school pals thought that they were the cutest old couple that she had even known. She loved that they always held hands. When I mentioned her admiration to my Grandfather, he said,'Now, darling, you don't have to tell your friend this but we're mainly holding hands for support.'

We're having a nice lightning storm here now. The apartment has cooled as the breeze pours in. I would welcome it completely if it were not signaling the probable cancellation of our class picnic tomorrow. Good night.

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Rachiley said...

aww, such a good little story. whatcha going to do with the cherries? sorry i missed ya the other day. try again sometime soon, i will have my phone on me all weekend. definitely as i spend time traveling from nyc to ct tomorrow.