Tuesday, July 10, 2007

And then we

took a flight on Saturday morning to the Masai Mara reserve park. Our little plane flew low enough for us to spot elephants as we landed! We stayed at the Governor's Camp and, from the look of some of the outfits we encountered, we were the only people who had planned the trip at the last minute. The place was pretty deluxe- fantastic food and cool tents that felt more like a hotel room (complete with running water bathroom). Our reservation had been made by a Kenyan co-worker of Andy's and he had set us up well by requesting tents that faced the plains and Joseph, the park's head driver. Joseph certainly knew the reserve well and was very knowledgeable about the animals we encountered. We hope to remain in his memory. We had the privilege of being with him for the second time that he has been completely stuck in the mud in eight years of driving in the reserve! All in all, we saw elephants, baboons, giraffes, black rhinos, cheetahs, hippos, crocodiles, half a dozen variations of antelopes, hyenas, warthogs, mongoose (no one could tell me if the plural is mongeese), spider monkeys, ostriches, zebras, lions, and water buffalo. Here's a sample of the many pictures we took:

If you're wondering what the floating blobs are in the green pool, squint your eyes and imagine ten hippos just bobbing up and down. We hung out with them as the sun sank. It was my favorite moment of the safari.


Rachiley said...

kac-what an AMAZING reserve! i'm quite jealous of you current summer adventure. can't wait to hear more! -rach

kkm said...

hey, i once had a trip to africa, too... and then we went to the Msai Mara, too... but i stayed in a "tent" along the hippo banks. my fav was the nightly hot water bottle in the four poster bed and the wood-trimmed shower!!!

i'll have to check the name of our driver but i know he was the best because the woman who set up our trip had been there more than 75 times with various missions groups. she gets to stay in some special room in the main lodge and knows the kitchen folks well. they use her cake recipe along with a few other Betty Crocker tips she recommended!!

on our last safari we booed as a young cheetah killed a baby impala... but then we cheered for the cheetah as he fought with a nasty hyena to keep his lunch. in the end the cheetah lost.

hmmm, i sure could go for another african trip again soon... let me know if you're scheming anything cool like this again!!!

Tirzah said...

I hate cheetas.

kkm said...

but cheetahs have spots and unretractable claws! and as our driver informed us, they are the most merciful of the carnivores. they swat their prey then go for the trachea to suffocate the animal. then they eat unlike other big cats and hyenas who tear flesh from bone while their victim is still alive and struggling.

Tirzah said...

Oh my gosh, I totaly ment to say I hate Hyenas. I dont know what I was thinking! Yeah i think cheetas are top of the cool chain. Sorry about that.