Saturday, July 28, 2007

Business Trip for Two, please (or the saga of a Pineapple pool palm)

Jealousy can have such an ugly affect on relationships. Thankfully we survived its nasty grip while in Portugal from Wednesday to Friday night. Coy received word on Monday that he would be sent to help out a project there. I decided that my last two days of German class were not enough of a reason to miss out. (By the way, my Deutsch is now extremely good. I could have written all of the previous in German. Just kidding. But I can introduce myself and tell you what I like to eat for breakfast. We'll save the oddities of the vocabulary introduces in beginner's language lessons for another blog.) So we hopped a plane, spent a night in Lisbon, and then drove down to the southern coast. The drive was quite pleasant. As much as we do not miss driving on a daily basis, sometimes a road trip needs a radio and a window to roll down. It seemed to us that southern Portugal was fairly sparsely populated and rugged. At one point, the vegetation created a scene that would have been the perfect backdrop for a dinosaur movie- barren, little bushes, and funky trees. The office was in a tiny town called Moncarapacho. We asked for advice from Coy's temporary co-workers about where to stay nearby on the coast. We were picturing small and rural. They were picturing luxury resort and crammed with tourists. As it turns out, Southern Portugal is to Brits what Gulf Shores is to Memphians. The place was crawling with British people and the restaurants offered things like meat pies and Guiness. But the beach was beautiful. Coy didn't really have the chance to notice any of this because he worked the entire time. I spent both days reading in the sun until it became too hot and then I'd jump in the water. Coy did have enough time before work on Friday to walk on the beach for about 20 minutes. Poor fellow. He was definitely the only guy I saw leaving the hotel that day wearing a suit. Lessons learned this trip: the beach is considerably less fun without Coy. Teaching is an excellent profession because everyone still needs a summer break. When they say jumbo shrimp in Portugal, they're not exaggerating.


Rachiley said...

kac - can't wait to hear more about the latest adventures and then some in the coming weeks. Seriously though - how large are jumbo shrimp?

Greg & Gina said...

Jealousy can have an ugly effect on friendships, too. How jealous am I of all of your travels? Pretty stinking jealous!! Portugal sounds great, even with the Brits.