Thursday, September 20, 2007

What a night!

So, did you know that Coy had his debut performance in a rock band called 'Sons of Coco'? I should have written about it by now- the concert was two weeks ago. The band is led by an Australian co-worker of Coy's. He and a pal have been playing around town for about a year. Coy joined them with his banjo and he was awesome! They played 'Wagon Wheel' by Old Crow Medicine Show.

When the band came back from a break, Pete said something about it being a special night and how 30 years before someone had been born in Memphis. I thought that the band might play 'Happy Birthday.' I was a bit embarrassed and I wondered where Coy had gone. And then, Elvis walked into the building- white jumpsuit with sequins, amazing pompadour, red scarf, huge glasses, and spectacular sideburns. And the King didn't just look good, he sang and danced.

Yeah, it was a pretty good birthday surprise!
Did you notice the drastic facial hair change?


kkm said...

a 30th birfday elvis song and dance impersonation including real sacrifice of facial hair?!?!?!?!? that's uber-cool!!! kudos to coyster for that one!!

Jeff Battaglia said...

your reasons for winning hairy chest contests remain. (i'm referring to coyster and not the birthday celebratee).

Rachiley said...

that's freaking awesome!

dmorris said...

Very Cool! Thank you.... Thank you very much!

todd said...

there is a little bit of elvis in everyone, im just glad to see you using your incredible amount of elvis for awsome... and welcome to your 30s it only gets better from here.

J. McLendon said...

Ha, thats great. Wish I could've seen it in person.