Wednesday, November 28, 2007

the resurrection is sweeter...

"Every parting gives a foretaste of death; every coming together again a foretaste of the resurrection."

- Schopenhauer

Finally, home again after two months in the Netherlands.

It's good to be back.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Triple X

Coy is still working away in the Netherlands...that's sounding like a good name for the country these days because he feels so far. Anyway, I've been thinking about this for awhile:

In Amsterdam, XXX is written everywhere- flags, historical landmarks, pot hole covers. It’s easy to assume that the appearance has something to do with the seedy side of the city but the significance is actually the extreme opposite of the lurid modern meaning of those letters.

The letters were a reminder to the common people to pray for the city. Because the majority could not read, the church displayed the 3 Xs to remind them to pray for protection in the city against 3 things: plague, fire, and flood. In that day, Amsterdam risked being devastated by those things. Therefore, the church wanted everyone to participate in praying against them.
I love it. I want to have a flag of sorts that reminds us to pray. I need one flag to push me to pray for things (awareness of grace, unshakeable hope, and clarity of purpose) and another for things to pray against (fear, doubt, selfishness). If you chose just 3 things to pray for consistently, what would they be? If not hanging flags all around, what prompts could we make for ourselves?

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The auditor's wife

“It’s hard to be left behind. It’s hard to be the one that stays. I keep myself busy. Life goes faster that way. I go to sleep alone and wake up alone. I take walks. I work until I’m tired. Everything seems simple until you think about it. Why is love intensified by absence?

Long ago, men went to sea, and women waited for them, standing on the edge of the water, scanning the horizon for the tiny ship. Now I wait for Henry. Each moment I wait feels like a year, an eternity. Each moment is as slow and transparent as glass. Through each moment, I can see infinite moments lining up, waiting.”

With the risk of sounding overly-dramatic, I find myself identifying once again with the opening page of The Time Traveler’s Wife. The first time I read this fascinating novel was when Coy had moved to Switzerland. I’m gladly re-reading it now as a selection of my book club. This time, the introduction struck a chord with me because Coy has been away so much. We did the math this weekend- we’ve spent more time in different countries since May than we’ve spent together. I’m not blogging about this to create pity or even to vent. It has just been a shaping part of our lives this year. In one sense, it has led to that intensity…the late night phone calls, trying to pack our weekends with all of the good things missed during the week, and the fluttery feeling in the stomach when it’s finally time for an airport greeting (I’ve always been an extreme sucker for emotional hype at airports. Crying while watching others say their hellos or goodbyes is not uncommon for me. This is a confession of where I am at my most sappy. Yep, airports and when blogging about missing my husband.). But I’m ready for a return to the normal. I want Coy to hit snooze eighteen times before I get up in the mornings. I want to cook dinner for us and go for walks after we eat. I don’t want to rely on email or cell phones in order to communicate- we already have to do that with the majority of the people that we love deeply. So that’s why I’ve not been a very good blogger these days, missing Coy is just the main thing going on.

Note: this entry was written from the Amsterdam airport. Coy had to work on Saturday and Sunday this week so instead of flying back to Zurich, KPMG flew me to him. Not bad. The point of this explanation is to tell you that I already choked up a bit when an elderly man turned from waving good-bye to his family in order to hide his tears. Where were they going? When will they see each other again? I don’t need sappy movies, just take me to the airport.