Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Triple X

Coy is still working away in the Netherlands...that's sounding like a good name for the country these days because he feels so far. Anyway, I've been thinking about this for awhile:

In Amsterdam, XXX is written everywhere- flags, historical landmarks, pot hole covers. It’s easy to assume that the appearance has something to do with the seedy side of the city but the significance is actually the extreme opposite of the lurid modern meaning of those letters.

The letters were a reminder to the common people to pray for the city. Because the majority could not read, the church displayed the 3 Xs to remind them to pray for protection in the city against 3 things: plague, fire, and flood. In that day, Amsterdam risked being devastated by those things. Therefore, the church wanted everyone to participate in praying against them.
I love it. I want to have a flag of sorts that reminds us to pray. I need one flag to push me to pray for things (awareness of grace, unshakeable hope, and clarity of purpose) and another for things to pray against (fear, doubt, selfishness). If you chose just 3 things to pray for consistently, what would they be? If not hanging flags all around, what prompts could we make for ourselves?


Rachiley said...

Kac - Great post and quite timely, since I’ve been examining the same thing as of late. My focus would definitely be on patience, clarity and kindness. I also struggle with the same things you pray against. Very insightful!

ben said...

Kudos on the pray for "clarity of purpose" prayer. Post college seems to be all about that one. Even though it was for about 4 minutes I'm glad I saw you guys over the Christmas holiday.