Monday, December 03, 2007

Berlin to Munich at 180km/h (or two helpings of Ryan Adams)

Instead of flying directly home from the Netherlands, I headed to Berlin for one of two Ryan Adams shows. After the first show in Berlin, the Blocks, Josh and I rented a car and warped from Berlin to M√ľnich in 3.5 hours to catch him again in Munich. The time savings was courtesy of the A9 Autobahn, which allowed us to drive at 180 km/h, or 115 mph, the entire trip. We would have driven faster, but at higher speeds our Opal wagon began to shimmy and the wind noise was so loud that we couldn't hold a conversation absent screaming at each other.

Ryan in Berlin:

Ryan in Munich:

German shenanigans:



Tirzah said...

So proud.

Jeff Battaglia said...

in the future: less talk, more speed. you have plenty of chances to scream at them in the office, where it turns out it's more appropriate anyway.