Sunday, February 03, 2008

the magnolia state part 2 - or can't a cartoon deer butcher his kin in peace?

Whenever I see cartoon mascots of restaurants that represent the food that one is about to eat (eg, the cartoon pig at the bbq stand, the animated chicken at the fried chicken shack, Charlie canning and selling off his tuna fish cousins, etc), I have to laugh to myself. I mean, why would Cluckers the Chicken so cheerily invite me to a fried-chicken buffet where we'll be chowing down on the fried remains of Ma and Pa Clucker? It's macabre.

That's why, when we made a quick stop at Wilson's to pick up a bag of spicy sausages for the family, we were particularly struck by their cartoon mascot:

True to form, the Deer-Butcher is gleefully parading about with a meat cleaver preparing to butcher his less-fortunate kin. However, if you look to the right, Wilson doesn't even give the Sadist-Butcher-├╝ber-Deer much time to relish his job as a bullet whizzes toward his head. I guess he would have been a fool to suspect less.

Chuckling to ourselves, we wiped the sausage grease from our lips, and headed further South down the highway.

(of course, I have to give due credit to the old SNL skit, "Cluckers Chicken" - Bein dead never tasted so gobnobbledy good!)

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