Saturday, April 19, 2008

more moroccan photos

Vacations are so fleeting. We jumped back into work and eventually unpacked. Coy has already left again- a few days in Mobile before being sent to Austria for a couple of weeks. So I thought I would avoid writing school reports by adding some more shots from the trip.

When we went to the coast, a highlight was buying fish from the local market and then having it grilled up at a stall in the corner.

Also, did you know that we did the expected and bought a rug? To our credit, we avoided the purchase when we had been dropped off at a carpet emporium where we were slammed by every salesman's trick in the book- the highlight being the divide and conquer when they led the Blocks into one room for negotiating and left us to our own bargaining.

Stands of nuts, dates, and spices were in the huge square in Marrakech.

The architecture was amazing.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Morocco - the photos

A few photos from our trip to Morocco:

The square in Marrakech was full of snake charmers, food stands, and musicians (or the elusive magician/musician combo, "mugicians"). Here is our buddy, Andy, with his snake charmer photo (which cost him 10 bucks, by the by):

A profile shot of our camel trek to the Erg Chebbi,

An old kasbah in the desert,

A door in the old Islamic school in Marrakech,

Our hotel outside of Ouazazate,

and yes, Kacey with two monkeys. We desperately tried to avoid the monkey peddlers, but when they caught kacey's wide-eyed excitement, she was quickly assaulted. We managed to negotiate the price of the photo from 20 bucks to 2 (as we walked away quickly)

Yours truly,

Thursday, April 03, 2008