Thursday, May 01, 2008

April showers...

Who knew? I can keep plants alive! Granted, the fact that it has been raining a minimum of 5 days a week for the past month or two has probably helped with the flower box upkeep. So, what do you think?

(PS. thanks Becky for helping us to get our deck ready for Spring!)

Happy May Day

No May Pole traditions in Zurich. Instead the focus is on the rights of the worker- and it often gets fairly ugly in town. Last year, fancy cars parked on the streets were torched and various high end stores and banks had their windows smashed. (Don't worry, we've our hidden the Ferrari.) A nice department store on our street has taken preventative measures:

I suppose I'm blogging about this prematurely...Coy had to work today so he's sitting in an office building that notoriously get targeted. He's high up on the top floor (if you're picturing penthouse style office with amazing views, you're not close at all...try The Office set instead) so the worst that could happen would be needing to stay in for lunch.

I think I'll go for another walk- the rain has stopped. Don't worry, I'll avoid the tear gas.