Saturday, June 28, 2008


Below are various views of Kathmandu. 2 of 3 days were spent on a rented 150 cc motorbike. I didn't get as far out into the Nepalese hinterland as I would have liked, but I did make it several stone throws from the Chinese border. Muddy tracks and street tires prevented me from venturing further. Better saved for another day...

View from a rickshaw on the way to Tamil. These things weren't built for individuals of my healthy stature, but he made it work nonetheless.

These idols to Buddha, Krishna, Kali, Ganesh (etc) were to be found throughout the city; some well tended with fresh colors and flowers, others not.
Ganesh idol and Nepali idler.
The Patan Durber square. These ancient squares were where royalty was crowned. Despite the lack of royalty, the squares are still great places to hang around.
Among the Nepali's milling around, I ran across these three cute Nepali girls who pestered me incessantly to buy some tourist junk (the third is taking the photo). The girl in orange was about 10 years old, spoke some English, and was spunky. So we walked around the square a bit and then further to the roving temple (see below). Unlike the other ad hoc tour guides, these girls were willing to provide their information for free; I relented in the end though and bought several passport bags anyway. I'm a sucker for the ladies.

Above is one of the roving temples that traveled around Nepal. From the photos accompanying it, this temple had traveled all over Nepal to heal people from their sicknesses. A young boy applied a red kumkum and I took a few photos. I wasn't sick, so I can't say that it worked for me.

Close-up of the traveling temple.

The other bike waits for a rider...

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