Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer styles

So Coy and I are both sporting a new look for the summer. Though different in nature, these two styles have a tremendous amount in common:

Both will cause dramatic reactions from our friends and family- laughter, shouts of joy, tears.

Both have caused the other person extreme emotions- I find myself being mildly irritated at things that would not have bothered me before just because they seem different coming from a moustachioed man. And sometimes when Coy looks at my belly, I know he's thinking that life is about to become enormously more complicated.

Both cut down on sex appeal.

Apparently, both looks are only going to get bigger. Coy has vowed to keep his facial fashion statement for awhile. And my tummy isn't due to get any smaller until December 12th!

So what do you think?

(Side note: my mom and Nancy Langan both think that Coy looks good with the 'stache. And I certainly don't want to imply with the photo that my belly was perfectly flat 19 weeks ago!)


christian and amanda said...

the belly is definitely wins the contest. sorry coy. new life trumps cool facial hair, every time.

Tirzah said...

I do love the stache- I cant wait to see that bellly! I was going to bring some clothes for you to wear but it looks like you are not going to get anywhere near my hugeness. You guys look great!

Tucker Evans Ryan said...

Congratulations to the Buckleys!! We're so excited for y'all! (& did you know I'm due with #2 Dec 7th? Crazy.)

Rachiley said...

the stache is reminding me of magnum pi!!! and kac, still very excited and can't wait to see you in a few weeks :-)

ashley said...

CONGRATULATIONS BUCKLEYS!! SO SO SO EXCITED FOR YOU TWO! kace, can't wait to talk to you soon -- you look beautiful (and the mustache just doesn't compare to the belly...come on!). Hurray for a new family!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mr. Coy, I knew you had it in you. Kacey I think the belly pic is awesome but are you eventually going to be able to catch up with Coy's belly pics? Maybe there can be a contest, afterall Coy has been growing his belly for years since he would always try to get Amber to eat pickles and ice cream with him. Coy the lip mop is scary and you probably want to shave it so you don't keep junior from coming out in Dec.

Congratulations again!!!!
The Ivy 5

Anonymous said...

You should shave your hair very, very close and wear no scruff. This will emphasize the mighty moustache and bring shame to your enemies. Wear your Persols (or whatever those vintage glasses were) at all times. Whilst outdoors, dark sunglasses...perhaps mirrored. Some may question your new affectations, only stay strong. One long, inscrutable look from behind that moustache will silence
all doubt...and secure victory.

Anonymous said...

I think it is cool that we conceived within or on the same day...maybe different days with the time change. As JK would say "FANTASTIC!" December 7 is the day to be on moving it to then.
Also...Coy could now be on the Dateline NBC "To Catch a Predator" series with his new look.

ben said...

alright! It seems that the Buckley family is growing! I am really excited for you guys! Cannot wait to see the Africa picks!