Wednesday, September 24, 2008

BBC Findings Refuted

The BBC recently reported that:

Wearing horizontal stripes can actually make a person appear thinner, a university research project has found.

The University of York's Psychology Department asked people to decide which women wearing striped dresses looked slimmer in 200 pairs of pictures.

In women of the same size, horizontal stripes made the model appear thinner.
Further research on the subject showed that to make the women appear to be the same size, the ones wearing the horizontal stripes had to be 6% wider.

Dr Thompson's study was based on the Helmholtz square illusion, created by 19th-Century scientist Hermann von Helmholtz who drew two identically-sized squares and put vertical stripes on one and horizontal stripes on the other.

That experiment showed the square with the horizontal stripes appeared taller and thinner than the other square, prompting Helmholtz - correctly, according to Dr Thompson - to recommend women to wear horizontal stripes to make them look taller.

I did a little research on my own:

Slimming? I don't think so!


Shannon said...

hey that's my house :) you look adorable, nonsense that you don't look slim!

christian and amanda said...

you look very slim, muflap is the one who looks chunky. great to see some news from y'all.

Rachiley said...

you look so HAPPY!!!!

kkm said...

yeah!! a blog update from the Swiss!!!!

i love the pix and babybump or not those stripes make you look AT LEAST 5'10"!!!