Sunday, September 28, 2008

A political aside

I hate to ask, but do you see any similarities?

We're not trying to politicize our blog, but couldn't they have spent a little more time in the prep room before sending her out on national television? The interview just drives home the tendencies of both candidates to prefer soundbite generation over actually answering anything.

The issue was similar with the Presidential Debates with neither candidate really letting themselves getting backed into a corner about what they would actually *do* on a lot of issues. Overall, we'd say that the debates were a close call between the two candidates, but we always check the independent website, FactCheck, to see who's being liberal with the truth (or conservative with their conscious, so to say). After a review of FactCheck, it looks like both candidates stretched the truth on some issues. Take a look for yourselves.

We're done with politics after this post.

May the best man win.


Anonymous said...

I like this one...

H. Pierre Schlomo Presley said...

We welcome poltical gaffes of all shapes and sizes here on VP! Thanks!

Jeff Battaglia said...

coyster-has jakester perhaps finally worn you down after all these years? either way, i urge you to cherish the days when you do not have to listen to the "tele" here in america and all that makes it terrible to an exponential degree.

let me know when you want start that new world we've discussed.

Coby said...

something tells me your real name is not really H. Pierre Scholmo Presley.