Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall Break- Part One

The Swiss know how to schedule a school year- we had a week break after just six weeks of classes. Coy and I tried something new and planned a trip months in advance. (Impending parenthood has already increased our appreciation of freedom to travel!) We decided to return to Paris, staying and eating at some of the same places where we had been 3 years before when we were engaged. Once again, we managed to avoid museums and cathedrals and spent most of our time just wandering about in neighborhoods. As you can see, Coy worked on his gargoyle impression. And as you can imagine, I tried more than a few pastries during our 3 days there.

We also spent a night in Amboise, a small town in the Loire Vally. The best part was having rented a car so we could bump around to villages and see the autumn colors in the vineyards. The sparkling wines were delicious though our purchases were limited to a couple of bottle to pop when BB pops in about a month.

Next update will pick up after our Chunnel ride to London!

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Tirzah said...

any day that has more than 3 pastries in it is my kind of day!