Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fall Break- Part Two

You know how the sequel to Teen Wolf came so far after the first that no one really cared? That's probably about the sentiment with the delay in writing about the rest of trip in early October. Apologies to all who checked in during our extended pause in the blog.

So where were we...the Chunnel. After a few days in France, we headed over to London and were met by the best tour guides in the UK- Zach and Annalisa Thompson. Not only could these two take us to some of the coolest places in town, if they were ever unsure of an answer to a question, they just made it up! Our time with them was filled with laughter and meaningful conversation. As fun as it was to visit Camden Market and the Borough Market, the highlight had to be when Coy and Zach played and sang at an open mic night at the Thompson's neighborhood pub.

We thought we were being so original when we sought out Abbey Rd:

If you'd like to see the Thompson's take on our visit and more pictures, they did a nice write-up in their blog: www.zachandannalisa.com

From London, we squeezed in a trip to Oxford to see our Swiss roommie Barbara who is studying there. It was great to catch up and I enjoyed seeing the town again for the first time since spending about a month there in '97. Coy was surprised by how little I could point out or explain to him but I did manage to find Ben's Cookies again in the Covered Market. Priorities. Coy and Barbara happily shared a few pints in the Eagle and Child, a pub famous for the patronage of CS Lewis, Tolkein, and co. Here's a shot from an excellent seafood dinner:

By the time we made it back to Zurich, we were pretty wiped out. Perhaps it was too much to fit into a week but it sure was nice to travel light. Who knows where our next big trip will be but we know it will look completely different with BB in tow!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Feliz JubilaciĆ³n a Mi!

I have always loved the Spanish word for retirement- it's so much happier than the word in English. Jubilation is how I felt when the doc said that it was time for me to rest up for the upcoming delivery. (That's pretty common approach to pregnancy here...apparently in Germany, mamas-to-be are required to stop working 6 weeks before the due date.) I don't want to gloat too much about my new schedule because I know that my husband, my dad, and my mom deserve a break much more than I do but the time home is allowing me to fulfill the cliche, undeniable nesting urges I've had recently.

Friday was my first day home. Since then I've sewn a blanket with the beautiful cloth Coy picked out this summer in Ghana, I finished my first sock monkey, my second cake is in the oven (I promise that all cakes made are for sharing!), I've made progress in the handful of baby presents that I'm sewing for the wave of infants in our lives at the moment (these can't be shown yet, they're presents afterall!), and I've washed all of BB's tiny clothes. Domesticity, I embrace you.