Monday, December 08, 2008

Deerburgers Debunked

Despite the fact that we logically understand that a due date is an estimate and not a schedule, I had really become fixated on the idea of having BB by the time December 8th finally arrived. So I was pretty disappointed today when the doctor said that, not only was our bambino not progressing, it appears that BB has actually moved higher than a week ago! Of all the flaws to inherit from me, perhaps Biscuit is directionally challenged.

And it's not that we aren't trying- Saturday night we were fed a meal that the cook guaranteed would bring on labor. Mark and Tara claim that their deerburgers have jumpstarted at least 2 deliveries. We were hopeful that BB would be #3. Ok, I was hopeful. Coy was more excited about the prospect of Mark giving us a police escort to the hospital. It was a delicious meal but no baby.

Now I guess it's time to start running stairs!

So any guesses on BB's actual arrival? Give us your best prediction of date and time. We'll send a Swiss prize to the guess that is closest. You can speculate on gender too, if you're feeling particularly prophetic.


Mike y Deiglis said...

Dec. 12 8:08 pm

Please send Swiss prize to:
Mike y Deiglis Wells
845 N Van Ness
Fresno, CA 93728

christian and amanda said...

Like I said, Priya was nine days past, and not a bit over baked. The home birth I attended recently was eight days past and the baby was only seven lbs. Don't run stairs, I must say. I did a 5k walking race (and won my age group) on my due date and was so glad she was over a week past that. I can't tell you all the places I was sore! Rest and eat and enjoy those last moments as a two person will really never be the same again. (I have been obsessively checking the blog.) I am so thrilled for you both. Maybe it is surprise twins and they're thumb wresting to see who comes out first, just what you want to hear, I'm sure.

kkm said...

Dec 13 and i do believe you'll have a girl!!

One Step at a Time said...

hmm...if you wait until Feb 8 you could have a child with the same birth day as mine. that would be fun right?

Anonymous said...

ETA: Dec 11th at 9:53:79PM
Gender: girl

(keep us updated)

- Jesse

Anonymous said...

Jake is going with:

1. Girl
2. December 16th
3. 11:59PM

This will allow us to check out your beautiful, big-headed, daughter just before we have to fly to the US.

Anonymous said...

Emily votes:

1. Girl
2. December 13th
3. 16:07

Tirzah said...

well sorry Kacey but I think maybe the 17 th at like 12 am. I think it s a girl, too.

zach said...

Dec 12th, 23:53, 8lbs 3oz, can't wait to meet HER!

Mini Max said...

Dec 19, 8:30am, boy!

Kelsos said...

1st borns are notoriously late! I was happy to receive the good news today that my midwife doesn't think I will go to term aka: Jan.3. We'll see. I am now 3 cm and 60 % effaced, 3.5 weeks early.

Hope Baby Buckley comes soon though, just for your peace of mind. Looking at your pictures makes me think it is a girl, but we will all know soon!


ashley said...

Hang in there, Kacey!

I'll keep checking obsessively. Someone said something once to me about raspberry tea? I guess anything is worth a shot.


Tirzah said...

I have heard of the rasberry tea as well...

Anonymous said...

Like you, I thought Dec. 8 was a done deal. Since we are given second chances for a prediction I will go with Dec. 14 at 4:08 PM. While we are guessing, I will bet that your blog has been viewed 1026 times over the past few days. Excited for you guys as Baby Buckley is making final preparations to emerge into this world.

Love, Bef

Anonymous said...

Dec. 13
4:43 pm
8lb, 6oz
MALE = really cool name that Coy picks.


mrsmac said...

Dec 12
2:45 pm - I expect Coy will be ready for work but will end up making a trip to the hospital instead!
8 lb, 4 oz

Christine said...

hmmm, well i really like the idea of a boy (with a really great name), but i'm not so confident about that especially after almost everyone else voted for a girl. really though, i'd just like for you to have this baby so that i can stop compulsively checking my email. as to delivery estimates, i'm gonna vote for dec 15 at 2:35 AM. miss yalllll, a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I'll take what girl was born on Dec 19th for 100...


The Blocks said...

Andy and I have decided to hedge our bets and make two separate predictions (as far as date goes anyway). Here we go:

Dec 15th

Dec 17th

annalisa said...

Sunday 14th, 8am, 8lbs 4oz, 19in boy

Alysson said...

I know that this is kind of cheating....insider guessing

i guess wednesday december 17 2008

Alysson said...