Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gender speculations

Thanks for all the guesses. I'm hoping that Jesse will win and we will be holding his little cousin by tomorrow night. However, there is no sign of any progress here.

As for the surprising number of girl predictions, I thought I should tell you that a number of people have used 'science' and said with certainty that we are having a boy. There was Guiseppe, the Italian landscape guy at my school, who hung my wedding ring from a string. After watching it circle in front of my belly, he declared BB a boy. When home in Memphis this summer, my very good friend Toni la Mexicana, declared that my nose is now more upturned than before- another boy indicator. Coy's father says that he can just look and tell. He says he'll be meeting his grandson this week. Now if only we knew what our friend Maggie in Ghana is due to have, we could be certain. Coy held a spoon from a string in front of my belly and then Maggie's. We don't know what the movements indicate but we do know that they moved in opposite directions!

We appreciate all of the interest and we will keep you updated. If you're of the praying persuasion, we are hoping that all will begin and progress as naturally as possible.

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zach said...

looks like most of the pressure is on you coy...