Thursday, December 18, 2008

In the first 24 hours

It's amazing but I think he already looks different.

The Buckley boys:
Coy has been able to calm BB several times already. It seems that he's a natural. 


Teresa said...

so happy for the both you you. he looks precious! congrats!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to meet my nephew :) It's amazing how fast they change. Looking back at newborn pictures of Claire and Hailey, it doesn't look like the same kid!

Uncle Marsh

mrsmac said...

keep these pictures coming- your little man is adorable!!!!! congratulations again!

Anonymous said...

Coy what are you waiting for??? Slap a weight belt on that boy and get him in the gym. He has been born closer to Austria than could have ever been imagined possible. Use your location to your advantage.

Take care.


The Blocks said...

coy looks so proud! BB does look different already....when do we get to stop calling him BB ;)

David Morris said...

We are sooo excited!!! Thanks for posting the pics.

Love ---- Laurie and David

lind. said...

precious. Kacey and Coy- he is beautiful. he does look different!
What is his name? I got all kinds of people calling and emailing.
j/k - take your time on that.
we love you.


Tirzah said...

thanks for posting all these pictures! Your guys look great!

Anonymous said...

First time I have sat at my computer and checked out your blog....I had a feeling it was yesterday. YEAH, PRAISING God for the healthy little boy! Coy you look great with that little guy and KC you look like you've already got a hang of the mommy thing as well. CONGRATS to the two of you. Let me know if you need anything. Love ya lots! -Auntie KK

pdaddy said...

You make a very proud looking Daddy and I am so looking forward to seeing this guy grow up!

By the way...I like Aaron

Love you all,

Uncle Greg

Anonymous said...

KC and Coy,
We were betting on a boy. He's beautiful!! In fact, you all look pretty good. Your mom and dad are beyond excited, KC. Take good care of the little one so he can keep up with AW and Tate............
wish we could be there too--
Aunt Sue and Uncle Bob

kkm said...

hip, hip, hurrah! felicidades, chamita.

lind. said...

Hope all is going well. Have your parents arrived? I know they cannot wait to hold him.
So glad your daddy is there!!