Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Tis the Season

These days, I feel all phone conversations and emails should begin with the proclamation that we are NOT in labor yet. We're at five days to due date and enjoying the last days of moving about with BB so easily transportable!

On Thursday, our hearts were in Dixie at the various Thanksgiving tables where our families had gathered but our stomachs were satisfied to be here in Switzerland. Friends from church hosted an international crowd for a T-Day dinner that had almost all the fixins you could hope to find. (Coy was pleased to find no marshmellows on the sweet potatoes, I consoled myself with extra cranberries.)

Friday night, we shifted gears and headed to Coy's office Christmas party where a good time was had by all. In an attempt to create a more subdued atmosphere this year, a quiet jazz band provided the night's music and Coy was not asked to repeat his role as Santa. He did, however, entertain many by singing some duets with a fellow accountant who would also be happy as a lounge-singer.

But Christmas season officially began for me yesterday when I went to Switzerland's biggest Christmas market in a nearby town called Einsiedeln. This town is famous for its beautiful, large monastery and its golden Madonna statue.

Snow fell slowly the entire time. I countered the cold with some apple dumplings and a sausage. Hey, I may lose the 'eating for two' excuse any minute now!


christian and amanda said...

Priya didn't arrive until 9 days past the actual factual date. The "oh you're still pregnant" comments got a little old as wondered if I was going to be pregnant forever. The baby will come at just the right moment. I am so excited for you guys...this season of advent and anticipation must signify so much more this year. Merry Merry.

zach said...

mmmm, saauuuwwwwsages!
Tgiving looks like some good eating.
but uh, coy. are you so bored at the table that you are reading? is that a book in your lap?
stoked for you guys, can't wait to see some pics off BB.