Sunday, January 04, 2009

2009 started with a snore...

The grandparents headed up the street to our neighbor's apartment by 10pm. And since Townes was asleep, I decided to 'rest my eyes' as well. Coy forgot to wake me up for a kiss as midnight struck. He was busy reading The Federalist Papers. Yep, parenthood marks a shift in priorities! We're excited about all the new things to come in 2009. Enjoy the shots of our favorite snoozer.


Grammie said...

Hey Coy & Casie,
Congrats on your adorable little
man. Enjoy every moment.
Grammie Smyth (McDonald)

erin nolen said...

Kacey J,

I could not be happier for you guys! I am so sad to have not even known you were expecting but DELIGHTED to see precious baby Townes.

I love you!


Tammie said...

Coy and Kacey, it is so great to see pictures of Townes. He is so cute. He looks just like you, Kacey...lucky for him. :) Miss you guys. One of these days, we should see each other, and Quinn and Townes will be good buddies...OH I CAN'T WAIT!