Thursday, February 19, 2009


After a few months of grey skies, it has been very nice to see the sun. Today we lunched outside despite the temperature. The Thompsons visiting from London were also in need of the Vitamin D boost:

This lady was soaking up the sun in style:


christian and amanda said...

Hilarious photo! Someday down the line...we'll all be concerned about our 15 minutes of sunshine, and our three prunes.

kkm said...

i think you mean Vitamin D. but whatever, what really matters is that we all wish we were catching some rays with you there in Zurich!! well, except for maybe those of us who live in tropical paradise... do we know anyone like that anymore?? if so, let's go visit!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Just behind Rob's head is a nice shot of the Pyramid Klinik for Maxillofacial surgery. :)

- Jesse