Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We're back in the good ole Port City. We've had a great time with the family and had a nice visit with former Swiss ex-pats, the Kelsos. More photos to follow, particularly with Townes and his cousins, but here are a few of life in Mobile and the Kelsos.

Visit to Bienville square. Someone had dumped Ajax in the fountain.
After a long day at the Battleship Memorial Park.

Townes meets Ezra on a WWII tank.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Friday's leading page from the Tages Anzeiger, "The Struggle with Germany over tax evasion gets nastier."

The caption says, "It wasn't cheap, but it was perfect for working out our own solution!" The massive punching bag head is Peter Steinbrueck, the German Finance Minister, who has taken an aggressive stance against the Swiss Banking Secrecy - the rhetoric has been heated, with associations with the Nazis being made by some in local politics.

While it has probably faded from the US papers, the talk of Swiss Banking Secrecy is still going strong here in Switzerland. ..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Belated Thomspon visit post

For the first time in four years, Coy and I managed to be in the same country on Valentine's Day. We chalked it up to poor planning and duly ignored the holiday while looking ahead to meeting up with Zach and Annalisa the next day. After all the fun together in London this fall, we knew our days together would involve a lot of laughter and collective daydreaming about future plans. We met them in Rhazuns, a small town outside of Chur, the oldest city in Switzerland. Here's a shot of Townes trying to blend in with a mural inside a 14th Century church:

Townes and I skipped the skiing but the others ventured out into a mini-blizzard.

Unfortunately, Annalisa was given a ride down the slopes from the rescue team. We're still praying that physical therapy will do wonders and surgery on her knee can be avoided. Click on the first link among our list of friends' blogs if you want to see how good she looks in a brace!

More fun in the Alps!

The company ski weekend had a different feel to it this year due to the extraordinary baby boom. The weather on Saturday wasn't great but Coy braved the slopes while Townes and I hung out with the diaper-wearing crowd. That night I was the one who needed courage when we left Townes with his first babysitter. She was a sweet grandmother from the town of Arosa who clapped her hands when she saw that she would have an evening with a little baby. My communication with her was limited because my German is still lousy but I did understand that she has always wanted to be a nanny in America and wanted to know if she could return with us one day! All went well though I was surprised to find our 11-week old asleep with his head on a pillow and a comforter tucked up under his chin.

Here's some pictures from a walk we took on Sunday to soak up some sunshine before returning to grey Zurich.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Tirzah, please dont leave.

we will blog more later but it has been wonderful having a friend here for the week.