Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We're back in the good ole Port City. We've had a great time with the family and had a nice visit with former Swiss ex-pats, the Kelsos. More photos to follow, particularly with Townes and his cousins, but here are a few of life in Mobile and the Kelsos.

Visit to Bienville square. Someone had dumped Ajax in the fountain.
After a long day at the Battleship Memorial Park.

Townes meets Ezra on a WWII tank.


Rachiley said...

welcome back my friends!

christian and amanda said...

tourists in the hometown, eh? does the little blonde girl need to be rescued from a day on the battleship? enjoy the time change with Townes...and all the azaleas and fine, fine folks. looking forward to seeing pictures of Marshall's family, too. (I just watched the movie "We are Marshall" and imagined Marshall and Townes chanting together "We are....Marshall, We are....Marshall").

KAHarrison said...

Welcome home--sorry that it looks like we are going to miss y'all. Chris isn't up to travel and we have been promising Janie for 9 months (an eternity to a 5 year old) that she can see her best buddy for Spring Break They moved to Fair Hope, AL last summer. We may pass on the interstate on Sat...do you have my cell #? And I know it is selfish, but since Chris doesn't feel up to going to G Shores--my Mom is going to stick around down there and take care of me. I'm planning on turning into a sloth-like teenager again and letting her play mom to me, Tate and Janie. We'll come back Wed. night for Chris's chemo on Thursday. PLEASE know that we send lots of love to Townes and all of you, but we're just kind of beaten down at this point! Love, K