Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More fun in the Alps!

The company ski weekend had a different feel to it this year due to the extraordinary baby boom. The weather on Saturday wasn't great but Coy braved the slopes while Townes and I hung out with the diaper-wearing crowd. That night I was the one who needed courage when we left Townes with his first babysitter. She was a sweet grandmother from the town of Arosa who clapped her hands when she saw that she would have an evening with a little baby. My communication with her was limited because my German is still lousy but I did understand that she has always wanted to be a nanny in America and wanted to know if she could return with us one day! All went well though I was surprised to find our 11-week old asleep with his head on a pillow and a comforter tucked up under his chin.

Here's some pictures from a walk we took on Sunday to soak up some sunshine before returning to grey Zurich.

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