Thursday, April 16, 2009

Back in CH

Our time to the States was terrific, though jammed full. It made us grateful for so many things- our family and friends, familiar places, a baby who travels well on airplanes. In review, we did not document the trip very well with pictures but I'll spend a few posts giving a summary of our fun.

In Mobile, we were able to spend a considerable amount of time with Coy's dad and Marshall's family. (Thanks again for taking those days off work, Marsh!) I love this shot of 'PopPop' doing double duty with Townes and Hailey:

We had a cookout for about 30 folks in an effort to see as many people as possible without running around too much. The highlight for me was introducing the little man to two of Mrs Linn's best friends. Townes did really well being passed around at the party which was impressive considering that nobody in Zurich really holds him except for us. (For the most part, everyone is either uninterested or already holding their own!) Aunt Amberley took a spin in the backyard with the duo who are about 8 months apart in age:

Townes had to be measured for the wall in the Buckley kitchen where you can still see the marks that document the growth spurts of Coy and Marshall.

Coy just called from work and reminded me not to just write a 'baby blog' entry. I reassured him that I was writing about our trip here's a picture of the alligator we saw from our table at Ed's Seafood Shed. If we could have put Townes in the picture, we would have for sure.
Baby vs. gator- now that would have been a shot!


The Blocks said...

i love that one gator picture gets you out of baby blog status - coy probably hates what i've done with our blog!


Tirzah said...

Townes is soooooo big! I am sorry we missed you but mom said it was fun to see you.

Anonymous said...

I like the pic of Townes getting measured. His imperious "How dare you?!" expression is awesome, almost Stewie-esque.