Saturday, April 18, 2009

Party at Pickwick

Considering the fact that we gave our family two days notice that we'd be coming into town, it was pretty remarkable that so many people were able to gather at the lake. We had such a crowd that my folks had to rent the double-wide down the way. You know it's a party when there's a trailer involved.
Pushing the memory of my mama's cheese grits and my daddy's breakfast spread out of my mind, the highlight of the weekend was meeting Susannah Nell Southern, Lindley's third baby. Susannah is exactly two months younger than Townes and we couldn't resist propping them up for a mini photo shoot. (There were seriously so many flashes popping that I was on seizure-patrol for the popular little duo. Permanent retina damage is a bit tougher to call.)

Lindley also wins a prize for dedication considering that she drove from St. Louis with 3 kids under the age of 4. Second place goes to the original Susannah who drove all the way from Texas with her husband Jon. It was wonderful to be with everyone who could make the hastily-planned weekend. Chris and Katherine's crew and Uncle John, aka El Oso Negro, were greatly missed.

Here's Coy teaching Ella and AW the finer points of casting a line from the porch:

We also had a birthday cake for my brother who had to wrestle with Dub about who got to keep the toy trucks that decorated it. Cy and Old Susannah had a photo shoot of their own!

If Orion had a saddle, I think this attempt at dogback riding may have been a success.

(I should have also mentioned in the last post that our trip home was made so much more comfortable by all the wonderful things that Amberly and Marshall made available for us. The loaner bouncey chair, pack and play, and stroller were very helpful. Baby Susannah and T took turns in the chair and the stroller at the lake. Thanks again!)

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lindley said...

what cute babies!!!!

we had a blast