Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Could you please turn that down?

Sharing an apartment with a 4 month old is bound to be a noisy venture. Townes can crank his cry up to pretty serious levels. However our main problems with noise are coming from outside our home. As always, we have two trams running back and forth all day competing with cars, motorcycles, and vespas for a constant buzz of traffic. Our neighbors brought home baby #2 a few months ago and it took me awhile to distinguish the cries in the middle of the night. Ben still fools me on occasion when he really gets going. But it's Ben's 3 year old brother that at times makes me want to curse in German. Little Eric likes to use the hallway as his front yard, inevitably during nap time. And let's not forget the neighbor downstairs who practices piano for a couple of hours a day. Yet all of the noises have been drowned out completely by the construction that has begun last week and is scheduled to finish in January 2010. The building that touches ours is expanding, a project that apparently requires that the work day begin at 7am. Here's a photo taken from our porch last week immediately after Townes woke from his nap:

So what's a mom to do when all these noises are joining together?

That should help.