Tuesday, June 02, 2009

June already?

Sorry about the lack of blogging from our end. It's been a very busy month. A Buckley update is certainly in order.
So I've been back at school. Our niece Alysson moved in for the month of May to take care of Townes. And my mom just arrived this Saturday to take over the task for June. Townes has been learning so much- his awareness of the world around him has exploded. He holds things, he laughs like crazy, he likes to watch all modes of transportation as they zoom past.
In the meantime, Coy has been working Monday to Friday in London for about 4 weeks now. He accepted a rotation there that will last until the end of September. I'm sure we'll remember why that was such a great decision once the boy and I have moved there when school wraps up in a few weeks. For now, we just miss him.
So yes, these pictures are for any of you out there who still bother to check in on VivaPierre but they're also for a doting father who is able to make his son laugh harder than anyone.

Asleep on a walk:

Here we are with Alysson, the Wonder Nanny (not to be confused with my mom, the Grandnanny):


mrsmac said...

oh my god townes has gotten so big!!! so cute!

Rachiley said...

glad to see his in such good spirits!

Uncle Coy said...

It would be awesome if Townes had the same laugh as his Spring Break visitors.

Laura Matthews said...

he is SO cute! confessing that i lurk on vivapierre...love seeing pics of you and your beautiful family!

laura (odom) matthews
still in memphis!