Wednesday, July 22, 2009

They just grow up so fast

I've been reading some articles about children and youth in the UK that indicate that this can be a rough place to grow up. Teen drinking, crime, and pregnancies are worse here than the States. So now I want to look into who's doing something about it. In the meantime, I realize that Townes is simply growing up too quickly. With facial hair like this, he can be served a pint of his own at the pub across the street:

Saturday, July 18, 2009

London, by William Blake

check the reading at the bottom by jarvis cocker

Friday, July 10, 2009

Food, glorious food

Likes: sweet potatoes, carrots, avocado, rice cereal
Dislikes: potato
Eating style: not too messy, hums while he ‘chews’
His inspiration: the twins feeding each other

Highlight so far:

Thursday, July 09, 2009

London Bridge is not falling down

Townes and I just checked on our 3rd walk of the day. We’ve begun settling into our new situation quite nicely this week. Our apartment is in a great location- easy to get to things but fairly tucked away. I’m sure the airlines will get our stroller to us eventually but, in the meantime, we’ve been B’jorning for about 6 hours a day (broken up into parts by naps and feedings). Today Townes ate his sweet potatoes in the Victoria & Albert Museum gardens then napped while I had scones at Harrod’s. How British is that? The best part about the move is not being so far from Coy. However, last night he got home at 8:30 and then left this morning at 6:30...tough to get time with the boy on that sort of schedule. Hopefully things will calm at his office a bit soon because we were spoiled last week by having all day every day with him during our trip to Italy with our friends, the Langans.
A picture of us at a Brunello winery in Montalcino:

(And, no, they did not think it was strange to bring babies to a wine tasting!)

The trip began with the world’s worst GPS system. It insisted on taking us on the scenic, rural routes which is a pleasant idea if you have a bit less than 7-8 hours to go with a baby in the car. Therefore, we were forced to rely on my weak navigational skills at several crucial points in the journey. We only had to make 3 or 4 u-turns overall and there were no tears- this qualifies as an improvement since past trips!
Villa Pia was our Umbrian home for the week. Nancy had found will searching for baby-friendly places to stay. She found this one on a ‘British Bolthole‘ site which explains why we were surrounded by Brits. The concept of the place was great- it had everything families with kids under the age of 3 could want or need. Every night dinner was served to about 18 couples who were sitting with the baby monitors nearby and not a child in sight. Townes was a bit young to care so, in retrospect, we probably should have tossed him into a backpack and been a bit more rugged. But it was great. He ate his first vegetables, went swimming for the first time, and was passed around by a lot of Italians. They do love babies in Italy and Coy got a kick out of handing Townes off to strangers who were delighted by his smile.

A dubious boy entering the pool for the first time:

The Langan duo in the dining hall:

Diaper change in an alley of Assisi:

We stumbled upon this still-active Franciscan monastery when our GPS led us astray. We didn't mind though- we had a peaceful stroll.

A view from the drive into the villa:

La vita รจ bella