Wednesday, July 22, 2009

They just grow up so fast

I've been reading some articles about children and youth in the UK that indicate that this can be a rough place to grow up. Teen drinking, crime, and pregnancies are worse here than the States. So now I want to look into who's doing something about it. In the meantime, I realize that Townes is simply growing up too quickly. With facial hair like this, he can be served a pint of his own at the pub across the street:


KAHarrison said...

REALLY looks like your Dad. Great talking to you and need your London address to send book!
Much love,
K, C and kids

Rachiley said...

All he is missing is a cigar and one those monocoles...then he would be sinister Townes!

Anonymous said...

Wow.. your offspring is so very hirsute. The Buckley genes are showing fast. Before you know it.. he'll be twirling his fingers through his chest forrest.

- Jesse