Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Top Ten Things about our time in the UK so far:

1. Trip to Stamford- we had a weekend away in this small town where all the buildings were made from the same stone. It was quiet and non-eventful but it was just what we wanted. The Burghley House was a 2-mile walk from our hotel. Yes, that's right college roomies, that is where the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice was filmed!

2. Borough Market Saturdays- I will take some pictures soon. This market has existed on this site for over 200 hundred years and a market of some sort has been here since the Romans were in charge about 2000 years ago. We like to stock up on organic fruits and veggies for Townes (hmm, is that a clue for the quiz?) and sample new foods for our own lunch.

3. London Walks- this tour group does very informative walks with specific themes. The Shakespeare/Dickens walk through what is now the Financial District was terrific.

4. Daunt Book Shop- a fascinating bookstore that has two rooms devoted to travel. The books are sorted by country with each section having guide books and fiction books from that country! I love reading books from the places we travel while there. I've been needing this bookstore for years.

5. Tate Britian's 'Classified' collection- this exhibit is set-up to look like the ethnological finds from an expedition to rural Africa. The smell of incense wafts around the 30+ wooden statues and masks. And then you notice that a handful of the artifacts look like McDonald's characters! I'm sure that the artist is attempting to stimulate an honest look at consumerism and the widespread affects of American chains but I was just amused.

6. No longer reliant on Starbucks. London has its own chain coffee joints spread every few blocks.

7. Our slow neighborhood pub crawl. Most pubs have a restriction on babies after a certain hour so we have to drink our pints early! We still have quite a few to try.

8. Discovering the many green spaces in town

9. The food halls of the big department stores- they're like little museums themselves

10. My traveling buddy who is happy to be in his B'jorn and interacting with all the people we meet. Here we are on the Tube:

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