Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Leavin' London

So it seems that September is almost over. That explains why I'm scrambling to pack up our bags and see a last few things in London before we leave this weekend. Coy is out at his going-away dinner now and I thought I should post these wonderful pictures from our last guests:

We had so much fun with Kristin, Lucas, and Myra. We always suspected that we would be good travel buddies and now the only question is where we'll meet up next!

We'll blog again once we're settled back to life in Zurich after a little trip to see a friend...

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Layton Thompson said...

Hi there, (this was the only way I could think of getting in touch) - I'm really sorry I didn't manage to meet up with you to take pictures, I spent most of September in Africa. If you're in London again (or if I venture to Zurich) I'd be really happy to take pictures for you. Very best wishes, Layton (friend of Z&A).