Friday, October 30, 2009

Ahh, Zurich

The return to Zurich has been wonderful. Our first night home, we took our favorite walk that involves wooded trails and a view out over the city. We have caught up with many friends and settled back into our apartment. With the exception of the ongoing, noisy construction surrounding our place, we do prefer the more relaxed pace of life here.

I loved our time in London. Walks with Townes were so varied and fun. We had fantastic museums, huge parks, cool neighborhoods, and funky stores to explore. I loved being able to chat with the people around us who often were lured into conversation by Townes's big smile and wide eyes. (In fact, this has inspired my mission to 'chat' more while out in Zurich. I've decided that giving a familiar nod to the lady at the grocery is not enough and I'm now tripping my way through a bit more than the pleasantries in German.) When wrapping up our time in London, I had to admit that I also just liked that our apartment was bigger and had a washer/dryer! Here's a few pictures from our Saying Goodbye Tour:

Rose and Poppy treated us like family whenever we came to the grocery. When we walked in the door, the security guard would call out to them, "Your baby is here!" And at checkout time, one of them would shut down her line so she could play while the other scanned our stuff. This may not seem like a big deal but, for the first few weeks in an enormous city, it really meant a lot to feel known.

Patrick was from Ghana and he gave Townes an envelope when we left with some money. He told us that the Ghanaian tradition is to give water to people before they travel or provide money for the water on the way.

And Andrew from Scotland actually wiped away a tear when saying his farewell. These two men had spent quite a few mornings talking with Townes when we would walk Coy to work. Leaving London showed us how much we had to grateful for there.

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